JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2010

Max Nagl Trio

Miles Smiles  21.00  

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Max Nagl

One of of Austria’s most actively prolific Jazz musicians, Max Nagl was born in 1960 in Gmunden. He has won an enduring following for the originality of his rapidly-changing musical offerings. In addition to his work for theater and dance performances, he still has found the time to record some fantastic solo albums. Unforgettable is the only way to describe his albums “Café’ Electruc” (1999) and “Evil Garden” (2001 with Lol Coxhill).

In recent years Max Nagl has recorded for Handsemmel Records. These include the wonderfully lyrical “Market Rasen”, which interprets the songs of Robert Wyatt. Another project was “c.o.d.e.”, a tribute to Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman which Nagl collaborated on with Ken Vandermark and Clayton Thomas. Nagl constantly surprises with his lyricism and freshness, which sometimes infects his music with a hesitant sense of foreboding. In other words, acoustic Jazz of the highest order!

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