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JazzFest.Wien 2011


Rathausplatz - admission free!  18.00  

Soe Tolloy

Soe Tolloy has a girlish voice which weaves together pop, jazz and folk melodies. Miss Tolloy comes from Telfs, but lives in Innsbruck, a place many artists would consider “splendid isolation”. For her, this seclusion has helped produce a fragile, very personal sound which she perfectly captures on her album “Excuse Me, Mr.”

This young made her stage debut at the tender age of seven, and composed and produced her first ten songs on her own. Her themes are soulful and melancholic, and her songs are poetic in that she excludes all unnecessary ornamentation. Soe Tolloy’s songs are beautifully spare and speak for themselves.

Singledownload: Soe Tolloy: There’s No Me Without You – e-single

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