JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2012

Megitza Quartet

Reigen  20.30  

Tickets: kulturverein@reigen.at
entrance: 20 €


Megitza is a true concert revelation – an unusual voice, charisma and beauty. In her compositions, she creatively refers to folk music, combining the traditional with the modern sounds of jazz, pop, rock, and Americana. Megitza sings, plays bass, and her music is dynamic, vibrant, full of energy, uniting listeners of all ages.

The four-year collaboration with Chicago musicians Andreas Kapsalis (guitar), Jamie Gallagher (drums) and Marek Lichota (bayan), resulted in hundreds of concerts and appearances at major festivals in the U.S.. Megitza is a composer, vocalist, and a bassist with an amazing musical talent.

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