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JazzFest.Wien 2012

Quadrat:sch extended

Porgy & Bess  21.00  

Quadrat:sch / Zeena ParkinsQuadrat:sch / Herbert Pirker

Alpine chamber music Across the boundaries of time and space. Stubenmusic. The Stube is the parlor or best room in a farmhouse, usually paneled in wood, a place where people go to have a rest, to celebrate, to mourn, and to make music. Alexandra Dienz, Christof Dienz, Barbara Romen and Gunter Schneider guide us into a friendly and sophisticated version of this multi-purpose meeting place.

NYC-resident Zeena Parkins (tyrolean folk harp) and Austrian drummer Herbert Pirker join the quartet for an “Extended Version”. On the first encounter the players, equipped with traditional folk music instruments, present us with enchantingly agree-able, startlingly beautiful tunes, before moving on, by applying some gentle twists and turns, to creating entirely new formations of sound.

The focus of the extended ensemble with Zeena Parkins and Herbert Pirker is skillfully shifted from structures to sounds. The musicians delve deep into the nature of their instruments, exploring their potential as sound-generating bodies, leading us from seemingly familiar models to free musical moods. Deep-reaching roots are carefully unearthed, grafted, and propagated, with great intelligence and devotion: the result is pure delight. (O. Egger)

line up:
Quadrat:sch extended version (A/USA)
Christof Dienz, zither
Zeena Parkins, harp
Barbara Romen, hammered dulcimer
Gunter Schneider, guitars
Alexandra Dienz, double bass
Herbert Pirker, percussion

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