JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2014

Clara Blume

Summerstage - admission free!  20.00  

Clara Blume (c: P. Clodi)
Clara Blume (c: SZphoto)

As a singer and composer, Clara Blume has created a kind of desert folk-rock, sung in “Spanglish” and spiced with castanets. Her music also features honky-tonk piano, western guitar and powerful drumming.

The music’s range also spans from soft whispers to full-bore screaming. Some call it retro-chic, while others call it Tex-Mex. In any case, the main thing is that the melodies are powerful and the rhythms leave one breathless. Electronic sound design or acoustic creativity are no contradictions when it comes to Miss Blume.

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