JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2014

Malia & Band

Porgy & Bess  20.00  

Malia (c: Mali Lazell)
Malia (c: Mali Lazell)
Malia (c: Mali Lazell)

Jazz and soul singer Malia has travelled an artistic journey. Her musical palette ranges from her intense 2003 debut “Yellow Daffodils” to the poppy experimental “Young Bones” to the artistic chamber music of a Nina Simone on “Black Orchid”.

Now she has released a surprising electronic album of nocturnal elegance. This talented vocalist has also been collaborating with Boris Blank, the electronic genius from the Swiss group Yello. Their album “Convergence” has eleven sharp love songs which sound like a successful mix of Shirley Bassey and Sade. Malia’s lyrics mesh perfectly with the cool efficiency of Blank’s electro-music.

line up:
Malia – Vocals
Nis Kötting – Keyboards
Lars Cölln – Guitar
Gerd Bauder – Bass
Michael Pahlich – Schlagzeug

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