JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2015


Reigen  20.30  

Tickets: www.reigen.at advance sale 18 € / box office 20 €

(c: Layeprophotos)
(c: Layeprophotos)

This band led by singer Jac Keita is exploring new territory and has a sound which mixes pop, rock, acoustic, samba, funk, Afro or Zouk. With their African pop, Takeifa is also breaking musical borders to achieve a unique and innovative sound.

This band is part of a new generation which has a clear goal to share their ideas with the wider world. Five siblings, socially engaged, performing African pop in four languages. Their music hits a nerve, is always danceable, a lively and personal live show, professional with high levels of musicality: This is Takeifa.

line up:
Jac Keita – Lead Sänger / Akustikgitarre
Cheikh Keita – E Gitarre
Fallou Keita – Percussions / Rap
Mama Keita – Bass / Backing Vocal
Ibrahima Keita – Drums / Backing Vocal

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