JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2015

Viola Hammer Trio

Porgy & Bess  20.30  

Viola Hammer
(c: Jan Balaz)

Born in Bad Radkersburg in 1985, pianist Viola Hammer founded her trio six years ago. Hammer and friends eclectically combine elements of indie-rock, punk and classic influences to create their own unique form of jazz.

Hammer‘s quicksilver playing is complex but has a rare lightness to it. The trio has cultivated a truly hypnotic interaction. Recurring notes of melancholy are offset with lucid elements that lift the mood. Viola Hammer considers Bill Evans and Brad Mehldau among her influences.

line up:
Viola Hammer (Piano)
Lukas Raumberger (Bass)
Mathias Ruppnig (Drums)

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