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JazzFest.Wien 2015

The Magic Of Santana feat. Alex Ligertwood

Reigen  20.30  

Tickets: www.reigen.at advance sale 22 € / box office 23 €

Alex Ligertwood
(c: Alex Ligertwood MGMT)
Alex Ligertwood
(c: Alex Ligertwood MGMT)

The Magic of Santana was founded in 2010 by Gerd Schlüter (guitar), Andreas Rohde (timbales, percussion, vocals) and Jürgen Pfitzinger (congas, bongos, percussion) as an ambitious Santana cover band project.

Other members of the band include Chris Haertel (Hammond, keyboards & musical director), Martin “Wunz“ Hohmeier (bass), Oliver Steinwede (drums), as well as singer and guitarist Jürgen Sosnowski. The bar was set very high from the beginning. The only thing more authentic-sounding would be Santana himself.

To achieve such a level of authenticity, The Magic of Santana tries to use instruments and sound systems as close to the originals as possible. This effort soon went beyond all expectations and has led to many “magic moments”.

More and more former and current members of Santana, like Alex Ligertwood (singer in Santana’s band from 1979 to 1994), have agreed to perform with The Magic of Santana. Their enthusiasm leads them to urge other musical colleagues to follow their lead. In Europe, this is truly unique.

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