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JazzFest.Wien 2015

Dianne Reeves | Christian Bakanic “Trio Infernal”

City Hall/Arkadenhof  20.00  

Dianne Reeves
(c: Jerris Madison)
Dianne Reeves
(c: Jerris Madison)

Dianne Reeves

Born in Detroit in 1956, Dianne Reeves is an artist who has come to master the collective nuances of jazz singing. It doesn’t matter if it is melancholy or outright joy, she can do it all with her free-flowing cascade of vocals to dissolve the borders between genres just as sugar dissolves in tea.

She impresses with her jubilant scat-singing, aria-like pathos, girlish peeps, sublime Brazilian fusion lyrics, or with deep-down blues intonations. She surprises with her bold presentation in which she can split the syntax of sentences and put the syllables back together to create something altogether new.

Christian Bakanic "Trio Infernal"
(c: Jasmin Schuller)

Winning Band Of Fine Tunes Award:
Christian Bakanic “Trio Infernal”

Starting out as the rhythm section of the band Beefólk, the time eventually came for the ardent musicians of Chrstian Bakanic’s Trio Infernal to break new ground.

A well-attuned working band, they torch popular clichés ablaze, for Christian Bakanic, Christian Wendt, and Jörg Haberl have little in common with a classical accordion trio.

They act as ambassadors between the soundscapes of jazz, tango, and modern grooves from the club scene, like house and drum’n’bass, where they seek to find common ground rather than cross borders between the styles.

These three three top-class musicians present a vibrantly vivid sound experience that overcomes accustomed styles and abolishes borders – music that is full of freedom, passion, virtuosity, and imagination.

line up:
Christian Bakanic: Akkordeon, Keyboard, Perkussion
Christian Wendt: Kontrabass, E-Bass
Jörg Haberl: Schlagzeug

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Fine Tunes Contest

FINE TUNES – The Jazz Contest takes place in the course of MONDAY’s FINEST from February to June 2015.

A jury, composed of Harry Gruber (Universal Music), Wolfgang Lamprecht (Kunstforum Wien) and Tommy Vitera (Radio Wien), will select the participants of the contest. The winning band is then elected directly by the public.

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