JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2015

Naturally 7

City Hall/Arkadenhof  20.00  

Naturally 7
(c: Chris Mann)
Naturally 7
(c: Kevin Ames)
Naturally 7

The a-capella group Naturally 7 was founded in New York in 1999, and has been popular with European audiences for many years. They use a-capella to reinterpret well-known hits.

The boys call their instrument-free approach to music Vocal-Play. They avoid the trend towards more technology in music, using only their voices to magically replicate the sounds of guitars, flutes, trumpets.

Their repertoire features songs from the Beatles, Coldplay and Queen, as well as gospel classics and R&B. Good vibes guaranteed.

line up:
Roger Thomas (musical director, arranger, 1st Baritone, Rap)
Warren Thomas (percussion, guitar, clarinet, 3rd tenor)
Rod Eldridge (1st tenor, scratching, trumpet)
Napoleon (Polo) Cummings (4th Tenor, guitar)
Dwight Stewart (2nd baritone, vocals, trumpet)
Garfield Buckley (2nd Tenor, Harmonica)
“Hops” Hutton (Bass)

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