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EmpiricalVideoInfo & Details


Fri 01.07. at 21.00  

In 2007 Nathaniel Facey (alto saxophone), Shaney Forbes (drums), Lewis Wright (vibraphone) and Tom Farmer (bass) came together to form the jazz quartet Empirical, which soon made a name for themselves on the British jazz scene. Info & Details

ToukiVideoInfo & Details


Sat 02.07. at 21.00  

Touki was formed in Vienna by musicians from five countries and four continents and is dedicated to an exotic combination of jazz and West African sounds. This delicate brew has also been spiced with musical elements from Brazil, the Balkans and the Orient. Info & Details

Snow OwlKono YusukeVideoInfo & Details

Snow Owl | Yusuke Kono Trio

Sun 03.07. at 21.00  

Juan García-Herreros is a Colombian born, world-renowned Electric Bass Player - one of the world's TOP 10 according to NY's Bass Musician Magazine.
The trio was founded by the leader pianist, Yusuke Kono, bassist Ryoichi Zakota and drummer Shinnosuke Kinoshita in December 2014. Their first album "For Woodsiders/Yusuke Kono Piano Trio" was released in Jan 2015. Info & Details

Springs KandaceVideoInfo & Details

Kandace Springs

Mon 04.07. at 21.00  

english text coming soon Info & Details

Collier JacobVideoInfo & Details

Jacob Collier

Tue 05.07. at 21.00  

21-year old Londoner Jacob Collier is considered by some to be a new jazz messiah. He sings like an angel and can beatbox like someone straight out of the `hood. He is also an ace on the keyboards and on vocals can sound like Singers Unlimited or the Swingle Singers. Info & Details

GoGo PenguinVideoInfo & Details

GoGo Penguin

Wed 06.07. at 21.00  

Founded in 2012, Go-Go Penguin describe their sound as “acoustic electronica”. Much of their music was electronically conceived and then transferred into an acoustic sound. This British group has succeeded in creating a sound which is both exciting and unique. Info & Details

Alexander JoeyVideoInfo & Details

Joey Alexander Trio

Thu 07.07. at 21.00  

Piano genius Herbie Hancock encouraged Joey Alexander to pursue a jazz career after hearing him perform as an eight-year old at a UNESCO benefit. In May of last year, Joey Alexander, who is now 13 years old, presented his debut album called “My Favourite Things”. Info & Details

Chameleon ChangesInfo & Details

Chameleon Changes

Fri 08.07. at 21.00  

CD Presentation Chameleon Changes was founded in 2001 by Vienna-based composer Marcus Ratka, musical standouts such as saxophonist Herwig Gradischnig, pianist Oliver Kent and drummer Mario Gonzi reunited last year to record a new Chameleon Changes album. Info & Details

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