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McKenzie SarahVideoInfo & Details

Sarah McKenzie

Wed 01.07. at 20.30  

Sarah McKenzie is a jewel of the Australian jazz scene, and a graduate of the Berklee University of Music. A versatile pianist and singer who was originally influenced by the blues, she has radically expanded her repertoire. Info & Details

Hammer ViolaInfo & Details

Viola Hammer Trio

Thu 02.07. at 20.30  

Born in Bad Radkersburg in 1985, pianist Viola Hammer founded her trio six years ago. Hammer and friends eclectically combine elements of indie-rock, punk and classic influences to create their own unique form of jazz. Info & Details

Strong AnthonyVideoInfo & Details

Anthony Strong

Fri 03.07. at 20.30  

Singer Anthony Strong is an up-and-coming jazz artist from the UK. He is not just a talented singer, but also an extraordinary and sensitive pianist and arranger. Info & Details

Month of SundaysInfo & Details

Month Of Sundays

Sat 04.07. at 20.30  

Month of Sundays is not just a great song from the British group Metronomy, but also a highly sublime jazz formation of musicians who are from Austria, or who have moved here to live... Info & Details

Kauflin JustinVideoInfo & Details

Justin Kauflin

Sun 05.07. at 20.30  

30-year old pianist Justin Kauflin lost his sight when he was 11 years old, but this did not stop him from becoming a “Wunderkind“ at a young age. Through a twist of good fortune, one of his mentors was the legendary jazz trumpeter Clark Terry. Info & Details

McFerrin TaylorInfo & Details

Taylor McFerrin

Mon 06.07. at 20.30  

Taylor McFerrin, the eldest son of the legendary Bobby McFerrin, released his debut CD “Early Riser” last year. He has been equally influenced by the soul sounds of the 1970s as well as the broken beats of the new century. Info & Details

Hiatus KaiyoteVideoInfo & Details

Hiatus Kaiyote

Tue 07.07. at 20.30  

Hiatus Kaiyote is a neo-soul group founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2011. Singer, guitarist and pianist Nai Palm is the attractive front woman of this sophisticated formation. Info & Details

Marsalis JasonInfo & Details

Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

Wed 08.07. at 20.30  

Jason Marsalis, was born in New Orleans in 1977, and is the youngest member of the musical Marsalis dynasty. A highly-talented master of rhythm, he soaked up all the musical influences his hometown had to offer: classic, straight-ahead jazz, calypso, funk and even funeral music. Info & Details

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