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Duni ElinaVideoInfo & Details

Elina Duni Quartet

09.07.2013 Porgy & Bess 21.00  

Originally from Albania, singer Elina Duni meshes Albanian folklore and lyrics with Jazz to create a sound both new and interesting. Her current album "Matane malitol", released on ECM, is a masterpiece. Info & Details

Bittova IvaBoros ZsofiaVideoInfo & Details

Iva Bittová solo | Zsófia Boros solo

06.07.2013 Porgy & Bess 21.00  

An evening of invidualists. The singer Iva Bittová will improvise based on Eastern European folklore and add some flavor with the kalimba. The guitarist Zsófia Boros delves intuitively into almost mystical sounds. Info & Details

Stanko TomaszVideoInfo & Details

Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet

05.07.2013 Porgy & Bess 21.00  

The splendid trumpeter Tomasz Stanko has recorded "Wislawa", his new album, with his New York quartet. He alternates between subtle lyricism and bold sound eruptions. Info & Details

Elias ElianeVideoInfo & Details

Eliane Elias Quartet

03.07.2013 Porgy & Bess 21.00  

Born in Sao Paolo and a longtime resident of New York City, this singer and pianist dazzles with her vocal non-chalance, feminine attitude, and highly-developed Jazz sensibility. Info & Details

Mahala Rai BandaVideoInfo & Details

Mahala Rai Banda

30.06.2013 Porgy & Bess 20.30  

Balkan sounds remain popular thanks to formations like the Mahala Rai Banda from Bucharest, masters of the precise and fast-paced music of joy. A party is a given when these ready-made musical heroes take the stage. Even Borat danced to their music! Info & Details

Gurtu TrilokVideoInfo & Details

Trilok Gurtu Group

28.06.2013 Porgy & Bess 21.00  

India-born Trilok Gurtu is a master percussionist who covers everything from World Music to Jazz. He has played with musical greats such as Don Cherry, John McLaughlin, Bill Laswell and Jan Garbarek. Info & Details

Kouyate BassekouKobaloVideoInfo & Details

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba | Kobalo feat. Louis Sanou

26.06.2013 Wuk 20.00  

Bassekou Kouyate, a celebrated virtuoso of the Ngoni, the three- or four-stringed long-necked lute, is a master of subtle melody and a courageous innovator of the traditions of the Griots with Western music forms. Info & Details

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