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Benson GeorgeVideoInfo & Details

George Benson

06.07.2013 Vienna State Opera 19.30  

After years as a Jazz virtuoso, George Benson established himself as a superstar with laid-back albums such as „Breezin'“. Fans love his Best Of concerts which feature disco numbers such as "Love X Love“ and "Give Me The Night“. Info & Details

Ferry BryanVideoInfo & Details

Bryan Ferry & Orchestra

01.07.2013 Vienna State Opera 21.00  

Since the release of his first record with Roxy Music in 1972, Bryan Ferry has been internationally acclaimed as one of the most innovative and stylish musicians, songwriters and singers to emerge in pop and rock music. Info & Details

Schneider HelgeVideoInfo & Details

Helge Schneider & Gäste – Sommertour

27.06.2013  19.30  

The 57-year-old Helge Schneider shares a passionate connection to both Jazz and story-telling. At this year’s festival he will perform with Willi Ketzer (drums) und Ira Coleman (bass). Info & Details

Conte PaoloVideoInfo & Details

Paolo Conte & Band

24.06.2013  19.30  

Paolo Conte, professional lawyer and charismatic musical artist from the Piemont, composed for Adriano Celentano before becoming an entertainer himself with his husky voice and existential poetics. Info & Details

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