JazzFest.Wien History: Friday 30.06.
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Fernwärme Open Air: Till Brönner & Band | Count Basic feat. Kelli Sae | Jazzkantine


Sensitive trumpeter Till Bronner, groovy Count Basic and the humorous Jazzkantine - to all of them genre boundaries does not mean not a lot. All three prefer the intelligent Groove, true to the best motto: Move your mind, your ass will follow! Info & Details

Muthspiel WolfgangInfo & Details

Wolfgang Muthspiel „Vienna Naked“

 Wuk 21.00  

For the first time in his long career the great guitarist performs for as a singer. Sometimes energetically, sometimes delicately poetic, Muthspiel presents himself as a singer/songwriter. Folk, rock and country - the man comes up with new sounds. Info & Details

Sanchia MarthaInfo & Details

Martha Sanchia

 Summerstage - admission free! 20.00  

The charismatic singer Martha Sanchia presents an exhilarating trip to the seaside of the Latin American rhythms: Cuban Danzones, Bossa Nova, Bolero, contemporary Brazilian music with it's poetry, melancholy, but also it's joyous words and melodies. Info & Details

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