JazzFest.Wien Festival History

JazzFest.Wien 2013

Iva Bittová solo | Zsófia Boros solo

Porgy & Bess  21.00  

Iva Bittova (c: ECM)
Iva Bittova
Iva Bittova

Iva Bittová

A native of the Czech Republic, Iva Bittová began a successful acting career in the 1970s, even before she began playing the violin. With her unique singing style and way of playing her instrument and performing, she soon attracted a wider audience.

Bittová successfully combines elements of Moravian folk and Roma music with Rock and the avantgarde. She is also well-versed in Classical, especially the works of Mozart and Janacek. Fred Frith made a film portrait of her in 1990 called “Step across the Border”. Her current, eponymous album “Iva Bittová” is being released this year on the ECM label.

Zsófia Boros (c: BenePikt)
Zsófia Boros (c: Reinhard Winkler)

Zsófia Boros

Zsofia Boros’ guitar playing is reserved and sophisticated yet tinged with melancholy. Together these elements create a unique kind of virtuosity. Her debut album is being released in May 2013 by ECM.

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