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Beck JeffVideoInfo & Details

Jeff Beck & Band

06.07.2010 Vienna State Opera 19.30  

His albums “Blow By Blow” and “Wired” are considered to be classics. The most recent release of this five-time Grammy winner is the album “Emotion & Commotion”. Jeff Beck is the master of a recognizable, melodic sound which unfailingly moves audiences both large and small. Info & Details

Hancock HerbieInfo & Details

Herbie Hancock – The Imagine Project

05.07.2010 Vienna State Opera 19.30  

Herbie Hancock is perhaps the most important crossover artist in Jazz today. “The Imagine Project”, is an all-star affair, which includes prominent musicians from both the Jazz as well as Pop worlds. Info & Details

Green AlInfo & Details

Al Green

04.07.2010 Vienna State Opera 19.30  

Al Green is considered to be one of the greats from the golden era of Soul. It will be his first appearance in Vienna since a sensational show he performed at the 1994 Jazz Fest. Info & Details

Jarreau AlN'dambiVideoCarter DorrettaVideoInfo & Details

Fernwärme Open Air: Al Jarreau | N’dambi | Dorretta Carter

03.07.2010  16.00  

When Al Jarreau - one of the great stylists of jazz and R & B - enters the stage, the boundaries between verbal and instrumental expression are fading and the audience can experience how intensely burning improvisation can be.
N'dambi's solo debut was 1999 with "Little Lost Girls Blues". Her new album „Pink Elephant“ was produced by Leon Sylvers III, who already worked for The Whispers, Shalamar, Lakeside und Gladys Knight.
London born singer Doretta Carter lives in Austria for over 20 years. Audiences love her not only for the music, but also for her sense of humour and dazzling personaility. Info & Details

Greco JulietteGardot MelodyVideoInfo & Details

Melody Gardot | Juliette Greco

01.07.2010 Vienna State Opera 19.30  

Juliette Greco has over the years recorded over 50 albums of poetic and political chansons. For her new, sparsely-arranged album called "Je Me Souviens De Tout" Juliette Greco collaborated on her poetic texts with youngsters such as Oliva Ruiz and Christophe Miossec.
With a cool-yet-soulful voice Gardot entices the listener into a realm where time stands still and intense passions bloom. The singer also wrote almost all of the songs on her next release "My One and Only Thrill", a compilation reflecting her wisdom of how the world is. Info & Details

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